Is President Obama a Muslim? Did President Obama really tell Muslims that he was a Muslim?

President Barack Obama making his speech in Egypt that led some to feel that he was a Muslim

President Barack Obama making his speech in Egypt that led some to feel that he was a Muslim

Does it really matter?

This we know… As a child, he was raised a Muslim. At some point, he became a Christian, even if the Christian church he belonged to was what some would categorize as an anti-American church.

I’m sure there is more we could find out, but does it really matter?

Well, for most Americans, over the last couple of years, Obama’s religion may not have made too much difference. But now folks are starting to question President Obama’s religion again.

Of course, as we get closer to another election, it’s bound to start brewing up again. Although several recent instances have stirred up the pot a little, or maybe I should say a lot!

First there was Obama’s trip to Egypt where he implied in his speech that he was one of them. Is that so bad? Didn’t Reagan once claim in a famous speech that we were all Berliners or something like that?

And then President Obama took sides in the Ground Zero Mosque controversy which will come back to bite him I’m sure.

OK, maybe at this point you really don’t care, but if you are a bit curious, I’ve got the full information on this big brewing pot on my website.

Find out what President Obama really said to the Egyptians, read about RNC Committeewoman Kim Lehman’s Claims that Obama told Muslims He Was a Muslim, and then read a Muslim viewpoint of President Obama’s Egyptian speech from a Muslim news source!

You’ll find all this to be very enlightening, but if not, while at my Obama Photos website, see some marvelous photos of Michelle Obama, and even some great photos of the Obama dog Bo! He’s so cute!

And  then if you go to my homepage you’ll see some interesting photos of Obama swimming in polluted Gulf water just to make a point, and if you scroll down a little you’ll see Obama pointing at a UFO over the Gulf! Would I kid You?

OK, here it is, be the first on your block to check it out:


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